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Global Funding & Syndications

  1. Global Funding Brokerage & Intermediation
  2. Government’s Sovereign & Instruments Discounting
  3. Guaranteed Funding & Securitizations
  4. Loans Structuring & Syndications
  5. Bank Disputes & Transactions Review

We participate in the whole gamut of funding either as Brokers or Intermediators to Global First Class Banks or Funding Institutions strictly as Financial Advisors on a No-Funding-No-Fee Basis.

We presently have a discounting facility that enables African Governments to promptly access International funding for their beneficial Commercial transactions at relatively concessional rates of less than 3.5% per annum. Our operational dynamics involves the packaging of facilities and Structuring a direct relationship between the Government and the Global Financial Institution.

Our Integrated Credit facilities are secured against the Sovereign Guarantees of such Nations or Bank Guarantees of First Class International Banks and are dispensed through a bank in the Client’s domain within 45-60 days, after a formal application and submission of Instruments.

We provide other support services such as resolving disputes with regards to Loan issues while also engaging in banking transactions review with a view to straightening out the books.